Our story

Our Story

Like many others I'm a lifelong sufferer of anxiety and extreme panic attacks. Years ago I found that doodling and scribbling helped me to focus my attention and whilst it didn't cure me it did help a lot to improve my life. Years later and as I'm one of the lucky ones who through a combination of professional and personal support has been able to get on top of the condition that had stifled me for nearly 30 years. 

With encouragement from my family I started to put my doodles to work and from them Hope & Mania was born. Its not a serious name, it was conjoured up (as most of the cool things in my life have been) by my wife Vicky.

From there we decided that whilst its nice to make some money for us, what's nicer is to make some money for us and a good cause hence why 20% of ALL profit from sales go to Papyrus UK who work to prevent suicide amongst young people. I've experienced suicidal thoughts in my lifetime as have many others, but I've been lucky that they have just been thoughts and I was able to overcome them. Others aren't so lucky.

If you need someone to talk to as life has become too much, then please contact an organisation such as the Samaritans or Papyrus they are there to listen. 

If you just need some advice on feeling better about yourself mentally and physically then you could do worse than visit Every Mind Matters, the resource centre from the Department of Health and Social Care/NHS.