New Paintings September 2021

Stop speaking I'm Having Nice Thoughts

Inspired by working in my day job with care homes around supporting them to manage the COVID pandemic as well as a fear of ending up in a home and losing my freedom to do and think what I want.

Painted on a box canvas with Unison colour pastels. 

This painting is available to buy in our shop.


Inspired by a photo taken by my youngest in 2020 of a winter woodland walk, this painting kept the characters but after the woodland failed to work, became an art gallery. The coats remind me of a book my kids had "Katie's Picture Show" in which the little girl visits an art gallery with her Grandma and goes inside the paintings. 

Painted on a thin canvas with Unison pastel, Sennelier oil pastel and Michael Harding Oil Paint. This painting is available to buy in our shop.

"Middle Class Men in Fleeces miss electrical storm due to concern over the rising cost of Land Rover Discovery leases"

Based on a long standing irritation about the number of new land rovers on the roads. As a farmers son I will never understand why anyone can justify such a vehicle for the road.

Unison colour pastel on pastel paper.

This painting is available to buy´╗┐ in our shop.

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